Shetland Seafood Auctions (SSA) offers and operates several land-based services in both Lerwick and Scalloway Fish Markets.

The following are services provided to the fishing boats:

Unloading into fish markets

Unloading landed boxes from quayside to pre-designated floor area in the fish market by electric pallet truck.

Sample Weighing

Sample weighing is conducted as part of UK government regulations.  All species landed must have 6% sample weighed and recorded.  This information is also useful for buyers to give an indication of average fish weight. 

Weighing & Grading

Weighing and grading is an optional service at the request of fishing boats, to manually weigh and size grade any species.  Quite often it is not possible for the boats to size grade all their species onboard.  Size grading provides buyers with tighter grades so they can target the sizes and weight of fish that their customers want.  Boats can make their request for this service through fishing agents LHD Ltd.

Purchase Ticket Allocation

After each purchase, tickets are printed out stating the details of the buyer and the purchase.  The SSA team allocate the purchase ticket to the correct boxes on the market.

This following service is provided to buyers:

Post-Sale Packing

This service is carried out by the SSA team on the request of buyers; to size grade and re-pack from plastic boxes into polystyrene boxes ready for onward transportation to customers.  If you would like to find out more about this, please go to our Contact page.