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If you are looking to buy high quality seafood, you have come to the right place.  Here at Shetland Seafood Auctions Ltd, SSA, we can give you access to KOSMOS, an advanced e-auction system, to allow you to buy the freshest seafood from Shetland.

Today at the Auction

All whitefish landings at Lerwick and Scalloway fish markets are recorded daily online - up to 18 hours before the electronic auction begins.  This information provides you with exactly which species of fish have been landed, as well as size and grade, enabling you to plan your purchases well in advance.  It is also possible to view expected landings for the coming week.

Shetland's Fish Markets

Shetland is in the heart of rich and diverse fishing grounds and is unique in the fishing industry in that it has two modern fish markets strategically located, in Lerwick and Scalloway, to service all whitefish landings.  Both markets are significant investments for their owners and demonstrate the commitment to the growth and development of the fishing industry in Shetland.

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    Lerwick Fish Market

    Lerwick Fish Market is owned and operated by Lerwick Port Authority. The new Lerwick market is located at Mair’s Quay and completes a multi-million pound harbour development.

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    Scalloway Fish Market

    Scalloway Fish Market is owned by Shetland Islands Council. The new market has been built on the site of the old market but it has double the capacity whilst being extremely energy efficient.

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