Shetland Seafood Auctions

Seafood Auctions


If you are looking to buy high quality seafood you’ve come to the right place. Here at Shetland Seafood Auctions we’ve given you access to two unique systems to help you buy and sell the freshest seafood from Shetland.  

All white fish market landings at Lerwick and Scalloway fish markets are recorded daily online on our landings page; 18 hours before the electronic auction begins. This information provides buyers with exactly which species of fish have been landed, as well as size and grade, enabling you to plan your purchase well in advance.  We’ve also developed a unique online sales system for buying and selling quality farmed seafood and white fish fillets. We believe we have created the most competitive online marketplace for buyers and sellers. You can check out our daily catalogue or get in touch if you’re interested in selling your product.