Shetland Seafood Auctions

Seafood Auctions

Quality and presentation is paramount

Shetland Seafood Auctions consider quality and accurate presentation of fish on the market as paramount.  An onshore weighing and grading service is in place providing accurate box weights and grades for high value species, such as monks, cod, lemon, sole, megrims, halibut, turbot and squid. Other species are weight checked resulting in improved prices and buyer confidence. The success of this service has helped fishermen to recognise the benefit in bringing their catches to market at the peak of freshness.

Shetland Seafood Quality Control 

Shetland Seafood Quality Control (SSQC) is an independent quality assurance organisation which was established in 1985 with the aim of supporting and enhancing Shetland’s reputation for high quality seafood. SSQC provides a very valuable service for the seafood industry here in the isles, and includes the following:

1. White Fish Quality Improvement Scheme

This scheme was developed in 2001 in order to maintain the high quality standards of white fish landed in Shetland. Since then the whitefish industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in the value of species landed. 

Regular inspections are held at the fish market where landings are evaluated against a number of key quality parameters. Feedback is then provided to the boats on a daily basis and every three months a league table is produced showing each boat's relative performance on size grading and quality. The boats have responded well and the overall quality of fish landed in Shetland has shown a marked improvement. 

2. Quality & Traceability 

SSQC staff provides product information on exported fish by independent temperature logging of produce from Shetland particularly during the summer months. This ensures quality assurance checks are carried out throughout the chill chain from the despatch centre. SSQC have UK and European contacts who take part in independent, impartial, temperature logging assessments, and return logged temperature profiles helping track any temperature abuse to its source. 

3. Responsible Fishing Scheme

SSQC Fish Inspectors undertake Responsible Fishing Scheme audits on behalf of Seafish for the Shetland pelagic and whitefish fleet. This service ensures boats are catching in a responsible manner, and puts a high emphasis on quality landings. The scheme raises the standards of work practices and helps gain a true representation from catch to end user and is carried out by independent, specialist staff. 

Did you know that the majority of our Haddock and Saithe is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified?