Shetland Seafood Auctions

Seafood Auctions

How do I register as a remote buyer for the online seafood sales system?

E-mail and request a credit insurance application form. Once approved for credit, you will be issued with a login and password.

How can I sell my seafood on the system?

All fish is sold based on a descriptive catalogue. 

Decide what you want to sell by grade and quantity, and communicate these details including guide prices to ( for inclusion in the daily catalogue.

How do I ensure that my seafood is not sold for a lower price than I require?

You submit a guide price for each grade and you have the option to vary this price if required for small, medium and large buyers. It is your decision whether to accept the price bid by a buyer.

Where do I deliver my seafood to once it is sold?

You can nominate delivery points and price these accordingly (e.g Glasgow, Aberdeen, regions of the UK, Boulogne).

How is transportation of the seafood organised and who pays for it?

The seller is responsible for transportation to the nominated delivery point. The buyer is responsible for onward transportation from that point.

The seller includes the transportation costs to the nominated delivery point in his Guide Price. 

Who pays for the commission on the seafood sales?

The commission is included in the guide price specified by the seller. The auction company will invoice the seller for its commission.

What does guide price mean to you?

As a seller you have control on pricing. Firstly you instruct us your guide price and quantities for each product you wish to place on the online catalogue. Buyers may bid on or below that guide price and the system will receive an email confirming their bid. The seller can then choose whether to accept or reject that email bid and a return email will be sent to the bidder.