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Monday, 21 December 2009

Welcome News from Shetland Seafood Auction

Confidence in Shetland’s white fish sector received a timely seasonal boost with news from Shetland Seafood Auctions that their innovative electronic auction system has once again sold over 260,000 boxes of white fish during 2009, matching last year’s levels of 263,000 boxes, which in itself was a level of sales not seen for 20 years. This comes in the face of significant quota reductions and massive cuts in fishing effort imposed by the tough EU regulatory regime last year.

Manager of Shetland Seafood Auctions, Martin Leyland, said: “I believe that it is the complete package of services and infrastructure on offer to both local and visiting fishing vessels that makes it very attractive for boats to land in Shetland.

“Certainly we are strategically well placed in relation to the fishing grounds and this is important when boats are considering days at sea and fuel costs, but if our service was not first class, skippers would choose to land elsewhere.

“According to the latest annual analysis of official white fish landings figures from the Scottish Executive, Shetland’s electronic auction offers boats the highest average prices in Scotland for the main white fish species. The buyers in Shetland play a significant part in this and have developed good businesses with sales on an ongoing daily basis to hundreds of companies throughout the UK and Europe.

“In turn they rely upon the accurate weights and grading provided by the Auction company staff and the quality assurance monitored by Shetland Seafood Quality Control who provides an independent white fish inspection service which is unique in the UK. Together this ensures that ultimately our customers receive a high quality product to the correct specification.”

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