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Seafood Auctions

Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Shetland Seafood Auctions has announced that 2006 has been another successful year with a 42 per cent increase in the value of white fish landed (£16.5 million), a 15 per cent increase in tonnage (11,344 tonnes) and a total of 95 different boats landing, which is a 22 per cent increase on the previous year.

Manager Martin Leyland commented: “This is great news for the auction.  At its inception, numerous targets were set up, namely: to attract 5 to 10 Scottish boats to land their catches; to maintain the landings of Shetland boats; and to maintain the overall value of fish sold at the market.  All have been achieved.

“In particular, during 2006 a record 65 Scottish boats landed fish for sale at the auction. Prices in Shetland have now increased to a level similar to ports such as Peterhead.  We attribute this impressive result to our favourable location – with regard to fuel costs and days at sea – and the quality of service on offer.

“From the outset, the auction has played a central role in ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the fisheries sector in Shetland and I will ensure that we continue to deliver in that respect. 

“Buyers and fishermen are working together to achieve competitive market prices.  Fishermen are landing higher quality fish at the peak of freshness and landing more frequently. There is also more fish on the market for buyers to purchase – adding to the competitiveness of the whole operation.

“Our website is proving extremely useful.  We have achieved 100 per cent co-operation from fishing boats who all contact L.H.D Limited with their catch details, which are immediately input to the landings page of the website up to 18 hours in advance of market. We also publish market prices on the daily fish prices page.

“We have undoubtedly played a part in safeguarding jobs in the industry and generating additional income for our shareholders.  Shetland has also witnessed the beginnings of a renewed faith in its white fish industry with the arrival of new fishing boats such as the Copious and I hope that the auction has gone at least a small way to bringing about this change in prospects.
“I look forward to extending our role to help the farmed seafood sector achieve similar results. New buyers have been registering for our internet bidding system during the past few months and I would encourage producers to contact me, so that we can increase the species and volume available to attract even more buyers.”

Further information from:

Martin Leyland, Shetland Seafood Auctions, tel 01595 741535 or email

Or, Louise Rosie, Shaw Marketing and Design Ltd, tel 01595 692465 
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