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Fish landings continue to achieve high levels in Shetland. 

White fish landings and values in Shetland 

Since the introduction of the electronic auction:

  Year           Value             Tonnes       

   Price per tonne      

  2015    £26.6m    16,241    £1,638
  2014    £27.6m    16,468    £1,676 
  2013    £25.6m    16,727    £1,530 
  2012    £21.7m    13,971    £1,553
  2011    £25.3m     13,637     £1,855
  2010    £23.4m    14,167     £1,652
  2009    £24.5m     15,332    £1,598
  2008    £24.5m     15,445    £1,586 
  2007    £19.5m     12,969     £1,504 
  2006    £16.5m     11,344    £1,455 
  2005    £11.6m       9,850     £1,178
  2004      £8.9m       8,965       £993 

The electronic auction was introduced to Shetland in August 2003 and, since then, the weight of white fish landed has more than doubled and the value of landings has increased almost five-fold. This remarkable growth demonstrates the significant contribution made by the electronic auction in the economic development of the white fish industry in Shetland.

Figures for 2017 reveal that the value of fish landed at Shetland’s markets has increased by 26% and the volume has increased by 13% compared with 2016. 

Auction manager, Martin Leyland, said: “We are delighted with the results which continue to show that the competitive prices achieved by the electronic auction, our strong emphasis on high quality and proximity to the fishing grounds, all contribute to attracting fishing boats to land in Shetland.”

Technology Development Funding

In October 2015 Shetland Seafood Auctions received funding from the European Fisheries Fund 2007-13 Axis 4 programme and Shetland Islands Council to introduce an electronic recording and printing of sample fish weighing.

This technological development has further enhanced Shetland's reputation as an excellent place to land fish by improving quality, consistency and traceability to its customers in UK and Europe.


Did you know that the majority of our Haddock Saithe and Cod is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified?

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